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Government delegation from Jiangxi Province visiting Sydney

The following government delegation from Jiangxi Province will be visiting Sydney on 15 November 2010. The group will be discussing various projects with the Chairman of Australia China Foundation, Mr. Joseph de Varda with the intent of developing mutual understanding in the fields of agriculture, water resources, forestry, environment protection and pollution control.

ACFA Briefing Note: Chinese Culture

Practically from their earliest contact with the Orient, Western philosophers have had little understanding of the philosophical traditions of China. In fact their common view was and still is in many places, that all ancient Chinese writing and traditions are not philosophy, but religion or some form of mysticism.

Apart from anything else the strangest thing about this view is, that in all three of the major Chinese philosophies there is no God, which is viewed as essential in the traditional western understanding of, and a prerequisite to be, a religion. So while the West has often pointed to China as the great atheist nation they have at the same time tended to lump the huge body of ethical and metaphysical discussion, which goes back at least 4,000 years, into the same basket as mysticism and strange religions.

ACFA Briefing Note: China’s Looming Labour Shortage

The explosive growth of manufacturing in China has dramatically increased the requirement for entry level workers under the age of 24, says the Economist, a British magazine.

China Faces a Shortage of Entry Level Workers

The number of young workers available to work in factories in China’s coastal cities is expected to fall short by one third over the next decade and a half says Joseph de Varda, Chairman of the Australia China Foundation Association (ACFA).

Rising Yuan Benefits Outbound Tourism says ACFA

ACFA Chairman, Joseph de Varda says “Australian tourists and business executives are benefiting very nicely from the rise in the value of the Australian dollar against the Yuan”. “It has never been cheaper to travel to China and as more tourist resorts open or are better marketed to the west, we can expect to see many more tourists heading to China for their holidays” he said.