Tianjin Property Development Delegation meets ACFA President

Title: Tianjin Property Development Delegation meets ACFA President
Location: Sydney, NSW
Description: A delegation from Tianjin Economy and Property Development of China will be visiting Sydney on 10 November 2010.

Tianjin is one of the five national central cities and is under the direct administration of the central government. It borders Hebei Province and Beijing Municipality bounded to the east by the Bohai Gulf portion of the Yellow Sea. It is the sixth largest city in the People’s Republic of China and its urban land area ranks 5th in the nation after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

The following six member group will meet our Chairman, Joseph de Varda.

- Ms. Mi Changrong, Chairwoman, Tianjin City Dongli district people’s
Congress Standing Committee
- Mr. Zhang Bao, Director, Tianjin City Dongli District Economy
Development Office,
- Mr. Cui Jiayin Director, Tianjin City Donli District Land and Development Bureau
- Mr. LI Xu, Director, Dongli district Economy cooperation Exchange Office
- Mr. Song zhibin, General Manager, Tianjin Binhai Fumin Property
Development Group
- Ms. Liu linlin, Executive Officer, Dongli district Cooperation Exchange Office

Date: 2010-11-10