Chairman of Solar Energy Company – met ACFA Chairman, Mr. Joseph de Varda, a solar scientist

Title: Chairman of  Light Way Green New Energy Co., Ltd, Mr. Wei Shaojun on a Study Tour in Australia met ACFA Chairman, Mr. Joseph de Varda, a solar scientist.

Description:  A delegation from Hebei Province, China visited Sydney on Tuesday 20 December 2010.

Mr. Wei Shaojun met the Chairman of Australia China Foundation, Mr. Joseph de Varda, who is a solar scientist and specialises in the field of Photovoltaic and Nanotechnology such as nanoparticles and nanostructures (nanocones, nanotubes, nanospheres, nanowires, nanolines) for the generation of solar energy.   Mr. de Varda discussed his invention and latest developments in Photovoltaic Technology and Nanotechnology in the production of electricity  and the implementation of his innovative method in the generation of the highest conversion solar cell efficiency in the world in the range between 90% and 95%.

They also discussed the prospect of manufacturing this new technology in China which will revolutionise the electricity industry and other equipments to reduce carbon emission, improve air quality and methods of pollution control for environment sustainability.  Mr. de Varda assisted the delegation in furthering their inquiries into these concerns.

According to Chairman Wei Shaojun, his company LIGHT WAY GREEN NEW ENERGY Co., LTD is engaged in research, development and manufacture of high quality solar PV industry products.  The company specialises in sustainable concept to developing and manufacturing high-quality multicrystalline silicon wafers, solar cells and solar modules for Photovoltaic systems in an integrated vertical chain.    The total investment the company has made to build the factory is in the vicinity of 4.2 Billion RMB.

The delegation was on a study tour to discuss solar energy and sustainable energy programs to enhance productivity and economic development in China whist controlling pollution.

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Date: 2010-12-20

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