20 Chinese Mayors Visit Sydney on Study Tour – Meet ACFA Chairman

Title: 20 Chinese Mayors Visit Sydney on Study Tour – Meet ACFA Chairman
Location: ACFA Offices Sydney
Description: A delegation of county mayors from twenty counties in north-west China will visit Sydney on Tuesday 14 December 2010.

The delegation is on a study tour to discuss sustainable energy programs and environment protection for their small towns and rural regions to enhance productivity and economic development whist controlling pollution.

The delegation will meet the Chairman of Australia China Foundation, Mr. Joseph de Varda, who will discuss the implementation of solar energy and other strategies to reduce carbon emission, improve air quality and methods of pollution control for environment sustainability. Mr. de Varda will also assist the mayors in furthering their inquiries into these concerns by directing them to Australian companies who specialise in this field.

Mr. Zhao Yongxiang
Ms. Yin Haiming
Mr. BaYisihali
Mr. Jin Shiming
Mr. Zhong Tongxu
Mr. Kong Xianghui
Mr. Luan Fengjiang
Mr. Wang Shifeng
Mr. Zou Sheng
Mr. Ren Zonggao
Mr. Yan Jianwu
Mr. Pang Jianya
Mr. Liu Yancheng
Mr. Dong Yongfa
Mr. Geng Zhijia
Mr. Feng Jianping
Mr. Zheng Haichao
Mr. Liu Dengxin
Mr. Zhao Qing
Ms. Hu Cuiping

Date: 2010-12-14