ACFA Overview

Australia-China Foundation Association Ltd (ACFA)

Australia China Foundation Association (ACFA) is a non-profit, bi-national membership organization dedicated to promoting Australia China trade and investment opportunities.

How ACFA Can Assist You

ACFA assists Australian and Chinese companies, professionals and the general public to better understand the business environment and cultural traditions that are  relevant to successfully conduct business activities in both countries.

The primary objectives of ACFA are:

  • To increase awareness of trade and investment opportunities for Australian businesses in China


  • To assist Chinese companies looking to invest in Australian businesses under the Chinese government “Going Global” policy.

Join ACFA and Expand Your Network

The Australia China Foundation association works closely with the Chinese central government, local governments in China, Chinese government agencies and authoritative trade organizations.

Based on the strength of our contacts, ACFA is currently looking for partners for a number of Chinese projects with financially secure quality Chinese companies that have a great prospect of profitability.

The Australia China Foundation Association also works closely with the Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in Australia and the Australian Embassy and Consulate-General in China.

ACFA has links to relevant China-based organizations, suppliers and government agencies through its Chinese members, associates and affiliates.