ACFA Motto and Mission

ACFA Mission Statement

The Australia China Foundation Association mission is to create a harmonious business environment and foster peaceful co-existence between nations, especially between Australia and China.

The ACFA Credo

The Australia China Foundation Association (ACFA) motto is:

  • Enrich Australia
  • Promote China and
  • Strive For World Peace

The major areas of our services are centered on

  • Finance,
  • Investment,
  • Property and
  • Construction projects.

ACFA also provides assistance for projects between Chinese and Australian businesses in the areas of

  • Energy,
  • Mineral resources,
  • Trading,
  • Culture and
  • Education.

The Australia China Foundation together with its associates and affiliates are a dynamic force that represents the business interests of a broad spectrum of Australian, international and Chinese companies, most of whom share significant commercial interests and business relationships.

We Translate Chinese to English or English to Chinese

Whether you are heading overseas on a business trip to China or wanting to communicate with Chinese representatives or sell your goods and services to customers in China or vice versa, our professionalism and translation service can provide help to bridge the gaps and ensure that you can communicate your thoughts effectively.

ACFA Cultural Services

It is also important to be skilled in the cultural nuances of a society to make the best impression and avoid misunderstandings.

The Foundation provides consultancy and services for Australian and Chinese enterprises and organizations in both countries. After attending a cultural seminar, participants will have a deeper understanding of the values, behaviors and attitudes encountered in China and the impact such values will have on their work or business activities. They will be equipped to choose the right techniques for dealing with international, cultural and business issues effectively. And finally, they will have an enhanced ability to interact with people from China socially and professionally to build a trusting relationship.